Find the Right SPCC Secondary Containment Pallets for Your Business

Storing and transporting drums filled with liquid is harder than what it would seem because you need a method to quickly and easily contain spills that may occur.

Although spills may be far and in between, the risk is always there. Spills always happen when you least expect them to. A drum may be faulty or is damaged and a leak occurs. Luckily, spcc secondary containment spill pallets can catch the liquid and prevent it from becoming a liability.

SPCC secondary containment keeps people from coming in contact with harmful substances, prevents messes, and protects the ecosystem. When you’re choosing new spill containment spill pallets for your business, do the following:

spcc secondary containment

1) Look at how many drums you need to store so you get the right number and size of pallets. Each pallet can store between one and eight drums.

2) Is your storage inside or outside? You want spill containment pallets that will stand up to the weather if outside. Ideally, get covered ones if you plan to keep them outdoors.

3) Look at the space your pallets might take up when you are not using the pallets. The right kind of pallets can be stacked to keep them out of the way.

4) Pallets should be easy to transport so that you can easily set them up when and where they are needed. Pallets that are hard to transport can cause injury.

You also want to make sure the SPCC secondary containment spill pallets are made of a tough material and can handle the load that you will be placing on them. If you shop with all that in mind, you will be able to successfully store your drums and contain spills if they should happen.

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