Fire Safety Cabinet Solutions

Are you storing chemicals in your business that could be potentially harmful? Maybe you need to store paints, inks, dyes, and other such chemicals. There might be even more hazardous materials within your business that you are storing away.

The question, however, is how you are storing those materials? Are you storing them out in the open or are you keeping them safely contained and protected?

The best place to store your chemicals is in a fire safety cabinet. A fire safety cabinet is a cabinet that is designed for different types of chemical storage. For instance, you have a cabinet that will work for paints and inks, while you also have a cabinet that will work for acids and corrosives.

fire safety cabinet


The fact of the matter is that a fire safety cabinet can store anything that is flammable. That way there are no explosions or unnecessary spreading of a fire. The faster a fire can be kept at bay, the less damage you will encounter. When you have less fuel for a fire sitting out, then you are doing everyone involved a very big favor.

Each fire safety cabinet comes in different sizes. The compartments are also different sizes to accommodate many container sizes. While they are made of stainless steel, most good quality ones are covered in an epoxy powder covering to ward off any damage that leaking chemicals might cause. This is especially important if you store acids and corrosives.

So protect your business even more and ward off problems with regulatory agencies and their fees by storing your chemicals in a fire safety cabinet.

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