Flammable Storage Cabinets – Safe Storage of Flammable Chemicals

With flammable liquids, there’s no margin of error when it comes to safe and correct storage. You probably know that most industrial fires occur in situations where chemicals have been stored improperly.

Fortunately, there are cabinets that are supremely suited to flammable liquids. Keeping them safely stashed away is precisely what they’ve been made for. They can also handle significant heat.

Flammable storage cabinets

And if you have space concerns, you’ll love the fact that flammable storage cabinets frequently can be found as stackable models, or as under-the-counter models.

Of course, nothing will stop you from chosing a floor model either.

Yet here’s what’s most important:

These cabinets will protect your business. Flammable liquids are a major fire hazard, but as long as you keep them in the right kind of flammable liquids cabinets, you’re pretty safe and well-protected. And that will count for more than any amount of saving space and /or floor space.

There are also regulations you need to live up to, notably Uniform Fire Code 79.202 and OSHA 1020.106. And if you have the right kind of flammable storage cabinets, you’re practically guaranteed that you meet them.

And here are some specifications that are common in generally approved models:

18-gauge stell construction with space between the walls, 2 raised leak-proof “lip”.

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