Floating Booms – Taking Care of Oil Spills in Water

When oil is spilled in water, it floats on top. Fortunately, this makes containing the spill possible and a floating boom is the tool to use. But which one is right for the job?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is easy because floating booms come in different types, each designed to clean up messes in different water environments.

floating booms

For instance, there are booms for rough waters, calm waters, and even shallow water, while some will work in harbors and the open ocean.

For protected and calm waters, such as inland waterways and marinas, the EconoMax Oil Spill Containment Boom would work great. It is useful in both containing oil and containing debris. Furthermore, it is compact and lightweight with a low price point that makes the decision of owning one in case of an emergency not hard. What’s more is the foldable foam panels that make it easy to store in vehicles and boats.

The handles and anchor points are also a plus, making the use of accessories such as anchors, lights, reflectors, repair kits, and carry bags possible.

When dealing with very shallow or calm waters, the Super Swamp Containment Boom is even lighter in weight, making it easy to transport. The galvanized ballast chain and cylindrical foam float, with sturdy aluminum quick connectors makes it a prime pick.

And when in need of something a little sturdier, such as what is needed in order to protect coastal areas and shorelines, the Simplex Oil Booms are perfect. In fact, this is the industry standard in oil containment booms.

And lastly, when dealing with fast currents, the Optimax I or II Floating Booms not only withstand fast currents, but are ideal for long term deployment.

So when it comes to cleaning up oil spills in water, it’s a good idea to get the floating booms that are made for the specific situation you’re dealing with.

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