Fuel Absorbent Solutions: Clean Up Fuel Spills Quickly

When fuel spills, it can create a big mess. After all, fuel is slippery and travels quickly across a surface. Furthermore, the longer it takes to clean up the higher the chance that the fuel will have an impact on the facility and even the environment.

Fortunately, there are fuel absorbent products on the market that enable individuals to clean up fuel spills quickly. These absorbents work fast to make sure the spill does not spread any further the moment contact with the spill is made.

fuel absorbent

Here are some of the fuel absorbent products you can choose from:

1.) Oil absorbent pads and rolls

The roll enables you to take as much as you need at once, while the pads are ideal for smaller fuel spills. This pad absorbs all fuels including lubricating oils and will not absorb water, allowing it to be used in water to absorb oil spills.

2.) Universal maintenance absorbent pads and rolls

The dimpled pattern on these pads allows for quick absorption.

3.) Economy oil absorbent pad and roll

This fuel absorbent will also absorb all oils, including lubricating oils. Due to the hydrophobic oil only polypropylene, this pad will absorb only oils and not water.

4.) Anti-static absorbent pads and rolls

When working in a dry, cold, or area with low humidity, the risk of spark exists. You can use these pads to clean up the spill in a way that you can ensure a spark will not occur. If a spark would occur, a fire could occur.

It is a good idea to keep your fuel absorbent handy when you’re working around fuels. That way you can apply the pads to the spill as soon as possible and ensure that no one or nothing is hurt as a result of the spill.

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