Garage Floor Mats: How to Prevent Ugly Oil Stains on Your Garage Floor

Don’t you just hate those ugly oily splotches on your garage floor? Not only are they unsightly, and they could even cause slips and falls. And they’re almost impossible to get rid of, unless you’re willing to replace the entire garage floor.

Prevention is another matter though. That is actually very easy. Just make sure you have the right tools: garage floor mats.

garage floor mats

And the right garage floor mats aren’t that hard to come by either. Just don’t make the mistake to think that the ones you can get at your local stores will do.

The truth is, they aren’t really up to the challenge. Instead, try an industrial strength mat, one of the sort that they use in manufacturing facilities or at car repair places? They know what works.

Here’s what to look for: an universal oil drip mat with non-penetrable backing. That’s an oil mat that soaks up whatever fluids drip from your car and neutralizes them. A favorite is the Abzorb Oil Mat, an oil drip floor mat. Trust me, it will meet your toughest requirements.

And what about that non-penetrable backing? They mean what they say on the packaging. No matter how much oil has dripped onto the mat, it is not going to get to the garage floor. It stays in the mat. Well, unless you allow the mat to fill to overflowing. Then all bets are off.

But these garage floor mats can absorb a whole lot of oil before it comes to that.

Of course these mats can also be used in other places. If you park your car outside, or you have a parking lot, you might want to put them under leaky cars.

After all, those oil stains aren’t just unsightly, but they’re a pollution hazard for the environment. When it rains, they’re swept up in the rain and flow into the ground water, where they cause contamination. But if you prevent those drips from landing on your parking lot surface, they also can’t be swept off anywhere. You just replace the mat every now and then.

And in addition, these garage floor mats are perfect for walkways around equipment and even for office walkways. Their sturdy non-slip backing makes them perfect for just about anywhere.

I’m sure you’re wondering right now just how much of an investment those fancy garage floor mats will be? Not very much really, especially when you take the benefits they have into consideration. They don’t even cost much more than any decent quality regular mat. Yet they’re so much sturdier, they absorb more fluid, and yes, they provide a much higher level of safety.

They have even more benefits — they’re skid resistant, which means they may well prevent some slip and fall accidents. And that can ultimately save you a whole lot of money.

They’re also available in any size, so no matter what your specific needs are, chances are that a garage floor mat will fit the bill — and keep your facility as well as your employees safer.

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