Hand Wringers — The Key to Saving Money on Absorbents

Cleaning up oil spills can be messy. And not the least of it is a mass of oil drenched absorbents, for examples, absorbent pads, towels, rags, socks. What to do about them?

You can’t really throw them in the trash but have to dispose of them properly, which means it’s going to cost you. But there’s a great way to save: use hand wringers to wring out the oil and reuse your absorbents.

You’ll find that handwringers are available in several sizes, one of which is sure to be right for your business.

hand wringers


You might decide on a small hand wringer, the so-called Economy model. You can mount it directly onto the side of an open head 55 gallon drum. After that, simply insert the absorbent rag, pad, or whatever, and wring it. You’ll find that the oil will flow right into the drum, and you’ll be able to reuse that rag over and over as you repeat the process.

So instead of having to use a huge box of absorbent pads for example, you can use just a couple, over and over. Obviously, this saves you money on absorbents as well as on disposal.

If you’d rather not stand there and wring by hand, you can also invest in a standard or even a pro model. You can even get pro version hand wringers with a motor.

And if you’re wondering about what it’ll cost you, fear not. Most people find that they’ll recoup their investment in just a few short weeks. Everything after then is pure profit.

And it’s even kind to the environment, so you can feel really good about using your hand wringers.

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