Hand Wringers – – Clean Spills Up Fast while Saving Money

Hand wringers are very important to have when cleaning up spills of all types. This is because they drain up to 90% of fluid from absorbent pads in a safe and effective way. That way you can reuse your absorbent pads in an effort to be a little more “green.”

And the hand wringers are green themselves… With the steel rust-proof frame that is provided, you are able to get years of use out of your hand wringers. Plus the rollers are hard bonded rubber that is molded to steel shafts to ensure thorough wringing.

hand wringers

There are different models of hand wringers. They include:

• The Standard Model Wringer – This wringer is capable of removing fluids from any towel, flat absorbent pad, rug, wiper, carpet, or flat boom.

• Economy Model Wringer – You can wring out approximately 90% of the fluids from rags and absorbent pads with this wringer. You can mount the wringer to the side of a 55 gallon drum or square or round metal tubs.

• Pro Model Wringer – This model incorporates features that make roller extraction a way to minimize the amount of waste that is produced. 19” rollers accept 18” pads without having to fold the pads. You also have the option of a hands-free Motor-Drive to make the job easier.

So rather than wringing rags, pads, and other absorbent items with your hands, you can do it hands-free so that you are minimizing the risk to you or the individual cleaning up the spill. Not only do hand wringers save you and your employees from considerable wear and tear, but they do a more thorough job as well.

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