Hazmat Absorbents — The Perfect Choice for Cleaning Up Dangerous Spills

Hazardous material spills can be very dangerous and cleaning them up requires special equipment.

The good news is that most absorbents are available in forms that make them ideal for cleaning up hazardous chemical spills. Whether in the form of spill kits, pillows or socks, they all are available in hazmat absorbents versions.

Besides, that’s the version that you need if you have to clean up hazardous materials, whether they are unknown liquids, acids, or bases.

And depending on the situation and how much of the hazardous liquid is spilled, you may need to use rolls, spill pads, socks, pillows, booms, and possibly entire spill kits in order to clean up chemical spills.

hazmat absorbents

Being that hazmat pads and rolls are made of 100% polypropylene, a material that can absorb most caustic or aggressive fluids, and contain extra wicking power with sonic bonded dimples and unprecedented strength, they can clean up a wide range of hazmat spills.

It is important to have kits that can clean up such chemicals as mercury and battery acids. For one, battery acids can be quite caustic and Mercury has its own set of problems due to its vapors. Mercury spill kits are designed to contain these vapors and provide protective equipment for clean-up workers.

Of course, if the spill is a large one, you will need bigger absorbents such as absorbent chemical booms that will work on both land and on water. They are especially suited for construction sites and industrial facilities.

All-in-all, hazmat absorbents can be used for any chemical and any fluid. Whether you need to contain on dry land or on water, you have access to the specific kit you need, such as oil-absorbent or non-absorbent booms..

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