Hazmat Spill Kits — Cleaning up Dangerous Spills in any Business

Do you keep hazardous materials on site in your business? If you have cleaning supplies or any other chemicals around, you may find that at times, you’ll need something that will clean up spills in a hurry. And the right hazmat spill kits can prove to be just the ticket.

They are a variety of kits available that consist of everything that you need to clean up harmful spills. As you know, these spills can involve liquids such as oils, and coolant, and a wide variety of other hazardous chemicals. This means that it is not a bad idea to have hazmat spill kits available for any type of spill. After all, any spill can be dangerous. In addition to posing dangers because of any harmful fumes or corrosive action, they also pose the possibility of slip and fall accidents.

hazmat spill kits

So as you go shopping for the right solution, look for the following qualities that any ideal Hazmat spill kit should have:

1) OSHA and EPA approved
2) Highly visible colors such as yellow or red
3) Weatherproof to withstand the elements
4) UV inhibitors and chemical resistance to ensure that there is no breakdown that could lead to leaking
5) Safety products such as gloves and goggles should be included
6) Refill kit available
7) Enough absorbent material to clean up spills of up to 25 gallons

With these qualities in your new hazmat spill kits, you will have everything you need to make sure your work environment remains as safe as possible. This can help your bottom line in the way of limiting lawsuits due to accidents and injuries, as well as protecting your facility, your equipment, the environment and your employees and visitors.

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