Hazmat Spill Kits — Cleaning Up Hazardous Spills Fast

Do you regularly handle hazardous materials? If so, you have to be prepared for spills — and for cleaning them up quickly. Read on to discover how hazmat spill kits can help you do your job.

No matter how careful you are, spills happen. Fortunately, there’s a spill kit made for cleaning up just about any type of noxious substance. So here are a few tips that will help you decide on the perfect hazmat spill kits for your chemicals.

hazmat spill kits


What type of chemicals are you handling?

Depending on what you’re dealing with, you will probably well served by a high quality “generic” hazmat spill kit. They’re designed to mop up most anything. But there are a few substances for which you’ll need specialized spill kits. One of them is mercury, which requires a mercury spill kit. Battery acids and other corrosive substances also need specialty kits.

What’s the size of your potential spill?

Just how big a spill do you have to handle? For small spills, a small kit will do. But if you’re handling large amounts of chemicals, you’ll have to scale up appropriately.

A good choice for most situations would be 30 gallon hazmat spill kits.

For trucks filled with hazardous materials, you may want to add spill containment berms to your supplies, in addition to plenty of absorbents.

So how do you know for sure you’re getting the right kind of supplies? Why not shop with a quality supplier and get some free advice while you’re there.

They can help you out, plus you can be assured that you’ll get high quality equipment and supplies that will meet any hazmat spill kits requirements of any OSHA and/or EPA guidelines.

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