Industrial Cabinets — Helping to Keep Your Chemicals Organized, out of the Way, And Safe

Isn’t it a challenge sometimes to keep your supply of chemicals stashed away safely and neatly? Fortunately, industrial cabinets are the perfect way to accomplish that.

It’s so important to keep your chemicals out of the way. If they’re underfoot, your employees might end up tripping over them, which could lead to damage, spills, leaks, and even injury of the employee.

Even worse, many industrial chemicals are very dangerous either by being flammable, corrosive, toxic or by having a combination of these qualities. So you need to protect your employees and your facility from those chemicals.

corrosive storage cabinets

And the most crucial reason for safe storage is that many of the chemicals kept in industrial facilities, especially the various hydrocarbons, are highly flammable. It’s no big secret that the majority of industrial fires are caused, directly or indirectly, by inadequate storage of flammable liquids.

industrial cabinets

Fortunately, you can easily do something about reducing that risk drastically! Just get proper storage and then make sure you actually store those chemicals in your industrial safety cabinets.

Of course, when you’re shopping for the perfect industrial cabinets for your facility, you might find it a challenge to find the right one(s). But it’s not really that hard:

Start by figuring out what exactly it is that you need to store. The reason for that is that there are different industrial cabinets for different types of liquids and chemicals. And their sizes range from 2 gallons all the way to 120 gallons. But even if it’s a small cabinet, don’t even think of skimping on quality. No matter what, be sure to get a cabinet that meets both OSHA and NFPA Code 30 specifications.

And finally, make sure you get a cabinet (or cabinets) appropriate for the kinds of chemicals you need to store. This is crucial since most chemicals require steel cabinets, but some chemicals (notably acids and corrosives) will eat right through that steel and end up all over your facility. So those will need to be stored in special high density polyethylene cabinets instead.

How to decide? It’s easiest if you shop with a quality vendor. You can get your questions answered and you can be sure that your new industrial cabinets will do exactly what they’re supposed to do: keep you and your facility safe.

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