Industrial Mats — Keeping Your Facility Clean and Safe

Worried about slip and fall accidents? You have reason to be concerned… But you can drastically reduce their likelihood — just by using industrial mats around your facility.

Industrial mats are a whole different category than those that you may find at the hardware store. They’re heavy duty and built to cope with much greater amounts and a wider variety of liquids.

As with so many types of industrial safety products, there are different kinds that are designed to deal with different types of liquids and usages.

industrial mats

The Basic Absorbent Mat

Basic industrial mats are made out of recycled polypropylene and acrylic fibers. They’re tough, can handle any amount of foot traffic, and will absorb any and all liquids, including coolants, solvents, oils.

You may want to use them under machinery and in walkways.

Rail Road Track Mat

This is a mat that has been specifically manufactured for use on rail road tracks — to protect the environment from spills, which explains the name.

Railroad mats are extremely durable — made out of layers of melt blown absorbent material, plus a top layer that consists of needle-punched felt. In addition, there’s a ground layer, which has a backing of a chemical-resistant material. And since they’re supposed to absorb oils and lubricants while not getting completely water-logged when it rains, they’re designed to absorb only oil-based liquids.

Forklift Mats and More

There are a range of different types of industrial mats. The sturdiest of them all is the Forklift mat, which is placed underneath it and has to withstand the forklift driving over it. Other mats include the camouflage mats.

In addition, there’s a whole different line of industrial mats that are designed to provide a cushioned surface for the comfort of employees.

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