Which Industrial Oil Absorbent Floor Mats Are Right for Your Situation

Would you like to protect surfaces from spills as well as wear and tear? That’s what industrial absorbent floor mats are made for. But you’re probabably wondering what makes them so special…

Basically, they’re just far sturdier than their regular mat counterparts. That, and they also can absorb solvents, oils, and more. Imagine the type of use they need to survive. They have heavy equipment dragged over them. They put up with lots of foot traffic, and so it’s a good thing that they are a lot more rugged than the regular kind.

And then, of course, they need to absorb liquids from spills — solvents, oils, and other chemicals.

industrial absorbent floor mats

The “generic” industrial strength absorbent floor mats will absorb solvents, oil, coolants, and even water, which ensures that your walkways are safe. If you want one of these types of mats, check primarily for durability. They’re usually made out of polypropylene and acrylic fibers.

But you can also get specialized mats. There are rail road containment mats, forklift mats, and even mats with greatly enhanced durability suitable for the most challenging environments.

Forklift mats are used under forklifts to protect the concrete surface. They’re extremely durable, and not only able handle having a forklift drive over them, but they are also able to absorb any oil and other leaking fluids, including battery acids. An important safety feature they have is non-penetrable backing, and they also should have a non-skid surface.

railroad containment absorbent track mats

Railroad containment track mats are specialty mats originally designed for use on rail road tracks, though they have found many other uses. They’re the sturdiest, thickest, and heaviest absorbent mats available. While they will absorb fuel and various oils, they will also repel water. They’re also encased in a barrier film that prevents the liquids they have absorbed from leaking out again.

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