Industrial Safety Products — The Key to Keeping Your Facility and your Employees Safe

Accidents happen, and unfortunately, they do much more easily than we might like. Read on for ways in which you can keep your facility and your employees safe.

If you want to prevent collisions between machinery and people or maybe the structural elements of your facility, there is an easy solution: Install some kind of barrier or buffer zone. There are a variety of industrial safety products that provide that kind of protection. Bollard posts are just one type:

bollard posts

Steel Bollard Posts

Bollards are probably the most economical and practical AND straightforward way to keep trucks, forklifts and other such vehicles from crashing into things and people. This way, they are excellent at preventing damage to equipment and the facility.

Made of steel, they can be filled with concrete for extra protection. They are usually bright yellow, so they’re highly visible and easy to avoid.

Machine Guards – Rack Guards

Machine guards work much like bollards. They also serve as a barrier that prevents direct contact between vehicles and machinery, structural elements or people.

They too are made out of steel, come in various heights from 9″ all the way to 42″, and are also bright yellow for easy visibility.

Both sets of barriers, bollards and machine guards, can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and will assist you with OSHA compliance issues.

Column protectors, corner protectors, and wall protectors

More barriers between vehicle and structures of your facility. They all help prevent damage from collisions and work essentially like the bumpers from bumper cars — or those of some modern cars that allow you to park without having to worry about whether or not you bump into the car in front of or behind you. The big bumpers will absorb any impact.

Similarly to those bumpers, they’re made out of high density polyethylene. Column protectors are generally strapped around columns, and corner protectors are applied to corners. So if there’s a collision, they’ll cushion the blow, which prevents damage, especially scrapes and other damage to structural elements. And like bollards, they also come in bright colors for easy visibility, which will help avoid collisions altogether.

Yet another industrial safety product that deserves mention is the forklift mat. It doesn’t seem to fit as it prevents problems in a slightly different way, but prevent damage by providing a barrier is exactly what it does. It’s just that the barrier goes underneath the vehicle rather than in front of it.

Forklift mats are extremely heavy-duty and have non-penetrable backing and a highly absorbent top. They’re great for parking forklifts, as they prevent fluid leaks from leaving puddles on the floor. Of course, this in turn can prevent slip and fall accidents and makes for a safer work environment. Which is what bollards and the other bumper-like contraptions as well as other types of industrial safety products do as well…

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