Industrial Safety Products — An Overview

You want to keep a facility safe.  And industrial safety products will help you do it. Of course, there is a huge array of safety products to choose from, including spill containment products, spill clean up products and many more.

While spill management products are definitely a key part of members of such huge categories of their own, let’s focus on the kinds of safety products that protect from other mishaps, including bumps, scrapes, and similar damage caused by collisions and similar incidents.

Those kinds of damage are best prevented by products that either provide padding or are creating some kind of barrier to keep equipment and physical structures safe.

Industrial safety products include the following categories

industrial safety products

1) Bollards and posts

These are designed to provide a barrier in order to protect equipment, physical structures, and even people from heavy equipment — and even regular vehicles.

2) Machine guards

Machine guards are designed to keep machines safe.  Their shape is a bit different from bollards, but the idea is the same: keep heavy machinery and other equipment away from machines.

4) Wall and Corner Protectors

Wall and corner protectors use a slightly different principle: padding.  Vehicles and heavy machinery frequently bump onto walls and corners, and repairing those can get expensive.

But you can prevent damage by simply installing protectors along critical areas, and they will act like bumpers on bumper cars.  Instead of the wall getting damaged, the wall or corner protectors take the hit. Of course, since they’re designed to take quite a beating, they’ll look good for a long time before you have to get new ones.

So if you’re looking for industrial safety products of the kind that protect your facility from wear and tear due to bumps and scrapes, you’ll find some great tools in the list above.

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