Industrial Storage Cabinets – Which Cabinet Is Right for You?

How are you storing the chemicals in your facility? If you don’t keep them in an appropriate industrial storage cabinet, you may want to consider making a change.

That’s because industrial storage cabinets are built for heavy duty use. And they will keep your chemicals safe in two ways.

First, they protect them from outside dangers, for example from theft or fires. In addition, they also prevent the chemicals from getting out and causing damage to your facility.

industrial storage cabinets


But of course you have to select the right kind of cabinet to get the results you want. The problem? Which one is the right kind? To figure this out, you have to ask yourself the following question:

What are you planning to store in your cabinets?

So what is it you want to keep in those cabinets? Just take an inventory and use that to figure out what kinds of cabinets you need.

Do you have flammable liquids? In that case, you’ll need special storage cabinets for flammable liquids. If you think that’s obvious, you’re in for a surprise. It’s not always obvious which liquids are flammable.

The list includes things like inks and paints along with hydro-carbon based liquids, fuel, and a whole lot more. As you may expect, the industrial storage cabinets of choice for flammable liquids would be stainless steel cabinets.

Then again, if you have highly corrosive liquids, flammable or not, you cannot store them in stainless steel cabinets because corrosive chemicals tend to eat right through steel. Instead, you’ll need to keep them in high density polyethylene cabinets.

Of course you want to get the best industrial storage cabinet — and a reputable dealer can help you select just the right one for your needs. They’ll also help you make sure your new meet OSHA and other requirements.

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