Loading Dock Ramps — Do They Really Have to Weigh a Ton?

When you think of loading doc ramps, you probably think of them as very, very heavy. But do they really have to weigh so much? Nope.

That’s right! Loading dock ramps don’t have to weigh a ton in order to be effective. As a matter of fact, a 32 pound ramp can support 750 pounds and can contain all of the safety features that you need.

loading dock ramps

As a matter of fact, here are the features of the ideal loading dock ramp:

1) Rugged design
2) UV resistant and weather resistant
3) At least a 750 pound weight capacity
4) Enough space to use multiple transport devices
5) Raised rails
6) Lightweight so that it can be moved by hand
7) Ergonomic design
8) Beveled entry and exit edges

Having all of these qualities within the same ramp means increased safety when loading and unloading goods from storage containers or other areas. Many injuries occur because of inadequate ramps. These injuries can include back injuries and injuries to other areas of the body. Falling items have also been known to cause severe injury or even death due to being pinned under extremely heavy items.

So make your business a little safer by using loading dock ramps rather than your usual steel ramps that are difficult to move around and can be difficult to see. Not all steel ramps are painted in safety colors to make navigation easier and to avoid tripping or walking in the vicinity of the ramp.

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