Marine Spill Kits – Helping You Clean Up Leaks and Spills

Imagine your motorboat starts leaking oil or gas while you’re on the water? That could make a big mess. And to clean it up — you’d need a lot of help.

And fortunately, there’s a really big spill kit that can handle it: the Marine spill kits for motorboats. It has a very fitting other name: the Extra Large Mobile Spill Response Cart.

And yes, it’s mobile. Thanks to its caster wheels it can be moved about easily and quickly to wherever you may want it at any given moment.

marine spill kit

The actual cart is made out of polyethylene and resistant to both chemicals and water. And it’s filled to the brim with assorted absorbents of all kinds. The lot of them can actually clean up about 174 gallons of oil and similar chemicals!

Here’s what’s on the cart: 200 pads, 36 small socks, 20 large socks, and 16 pillows.

You’ll also get goggles and nitrile gloves. And it even has you covered after the clean-up — with 30 disposal bags — and a shovel, so you can safely dispose of the soiled absorbents after they’ve done their work.

And just in case you don’t know what to do, you’ll also get an emergency response handbook.

Marine spill kits are really good to have on board when you’re going out on a boat.
And fortunately, they come in different sizes — after all, so do boats! If your boat is smaller and the extra large kit doesn’t fit, you can always get the slightly smaller response cart mobile caddie spill kit.

It’s perfectly designed for marine filling stations, but it can also help on a boat, as long as the spill isn’t too big. And obviously, if your boat is small, it probably won’t have as much oil that can spill on it either. the caddie spill kit also has wheels, and its narrower size makes it even easier to maneuver — even on a smallish boat.

Unlike the extra large kit, it only absorbs 29 gallons. However, it also contains some epoxy putty to plug leaks, which may help with keeping the spill small enough so that this smaller kit can contain it.

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