Mercury Spill Kits — Essential for Containing Toxic Vapors

If you’re handling mercury, it’s a must to be prepared for spills.

Not only is mercury a highly toxic chemical. The vapors are the most dangerous part — and since mercury evaporates essentially at room temperature, the vapors are very difficult to control. So regular spill kits, even those for chemicals and hazardous materials are woefully inadequate. You’ll need a special spill kit for mercury.

Luckily, any high quality industrial safety equipment supplier will have them. So it’s easy to be prepared by having a mercury spill kit handy. With the appropriate kit, you can easily contain spills in labs as well as in industrial facilities.

mercury spill kits

These kits provide superb mercury vapor control. They include everything you could possibly need to contain the noxious fumes. Included are vapor suppressors, personal protective equipment, a mercury aspirator, and, of course, mercury disposal containers. Even an instructional booklet is part of the package.

Here are a few other things you’ll find helpful:

The kit is portable as well as durable, and it is ready to use right out of the box. You won’t have to mix anything.

Can you believe that we used to have those mercury-containing thermometers everywhere? And when they broke, we thought the little silver pearls were cute as they were rolling about. We had no idea how toxic mercury was.

Fortunately, we’re now much more aware and are using digital thermometers — without mercury! And if there should be an incident, we now have easy access to the special mercury spill kits that make it possible to quickly neutralize a mercury spill.

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