Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls for Quick Clean-Up of Any Spills

Oil absorbents pads and oil absorbent rollsĀ  are a must have item for any business. Spills happen all too often. And of course, they need to be cleaned up. At home, you’d use paper towels to mop up the liquid. But when you’re dealing with a big spill of noxious chemicals, paper towels would be woefully inadequate. You’ll need powerful oil absorbent pads, rolls, socks, and so on, depending on the spill.

The idea is simple enough. You mop up the errant liquid, whether it’s in the kitchen or at a manufacturing facility. But the quality of the absorbent — and its capacity — are quite different.
oil absorbent


Not only are they sturdy and have a much higher capacity for absorbing oil, but you can get them in the oil only version, which actually repels water, and therefore can even be used to skim oil off the surface of water.

Now what do you do with all those oil soaked pads and rags after you’ve used them to mop up oil? Well… you could put them into drums and have them safely taken away. But that would be quite a waste — and an unnecessary expense.

Instead, you could simply wring out the oil and reuse those rags over and over. Instead of hundreds of rags, you might find that you need just a handful. That’s a lot of savings right there. And it’s much better for the environment as well.

And mercifully, you won’t have to wring them out by hand. There are so-called hand wringers available, some of them have to be hand cranked, but others actually have motors, which makes the reuse of those rags and pads a lot easier.

So what does it take to get the kind of oil absorbent pads and rolls that will really do the trick? All you have to do is seek out a high quality industrial safety supplies vendor. The best thing? You might have guessed it already…

Not only can they help you select just the right kind of oil absorbent gear for your needs, but you also can get handwringers there — and they’ll be able to point you to just the right ones.

And if you need something a little more powerful, they’ll also have oil absorbent socks, booms, and more.

It’sĀ  truly a one-stop shop, and you can even be assured that you get their high quality oil absorbent supplies — which will safely put you on the good side of the EPA.

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