Oil Absorbents — How to Clean Up Oil Spills Quickly

Need to clean up an oil spill quickly? Here’s the key: Oil absorbents. They can come in many forms and sizes, but here we’ll talk about the most economical and easiest to use absorbents available.

What do you do when you spill coffee? Grab a paper towel, right? And you also know that the higher the quality of those towels, the better their performance. Of course you need something a little more heavy duty for oil spills, but wouldn’t it be useful to have something similar to clean up any oil-containing messes?

Of course, there is such a thing: Oil absorbent pads and rolls. And just like rolls of paper towels, the rolls are perforated, and they are available in a high performance version and in a budget version. It will depend on your specific situation which one you should get.

oil absorbent pads or rolls

And just like you won’t try to mop up a major flood with a paper towel, you may need more heavy duty absorbents for a major spill. But don’t underestimate pads or rolls. They can handle a surprising amount of oil.

And either way, once the worst of the mess has been removed, or if there wasn’t that much of a mess to begin with, oil absorbents in either pad or roll form are perfect for getting rid of the rest. But sometimes they’re just what you need for the first response in the event of a spill. After all, they’re easy to keep around and have ready at a moment’s notice.

You may be wondering just exactly what these oil absorbent pads or rolls are. Well, they’re literally pads or perforated rolls of oil absorbent material. In order to be more absorbant, they’re dimpled, and they repel water based fluids while absorbing oil based fluids. So if you want to get oil off a body of water, you can easily clean it up with an oil absorbant pad.

And for many situations, they’re probably the most economical way to clean up oil spills since you can get a lot of pads or a large roll that will last you a long time at a fairly low cost. If you look around for a special, you can often find a case of a hundred pads for less than $50. That’s a lot of clean-up potential for less than a dollar a pad. In fact, a case can absorb as much as 29 gallons of oil!

There’s an economy version too, which is even more affordably priced than the heavy duty version. These Oil absorbents are made of quick-wicking polypropylene and also come in pads and rolls.

They too absorb oil while repelling water. In fact, they can also be used to absorb any kind of petroleum based liquids, such as for example vegetable oils, solvent based paints, solvents, and a wide range of non-soluble chemicals.

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