Oil Absorbing Mats — The Handy Solution for Containing Spills

You know that having oil spill on the floor presents a safety hazard, and depending on where it spills, it could also cause damage to the environment. Luckily, oil absorbing mats can be the perfect solution.

Oil Absorbing Mats – Why Do We Need Them?

For starters, simple oil slicks can make floors unsafe for walking — and that can result in accidents and liability problems.

Even seemingly minor problems, i.e., unsightly splotches of oil and chemicals, can make a facility appear sloppy and less professional. So it’s important to minimize that too. Yes, even though everyone in the industry knows that the occasional spill or drip is unavoidable.

Fortunately, oil absorbing mats are perfect for those smallish spills that can happen just as your employees go about their business.

oil absorbing mats


The Coolest Thing About Oil Absorbing Mats

The coolest thing about oil absorbing mats do the work all by themselves. All you have to do is place them in spill prone areas, and they will absorb the oil and remove it from the surface. They’re also designed in a way to minimize the appearance of potential splotches.

Of course, you may also want to have extra absorbents on hand, just in case the spill is a bit more extensive. Then again, you’ll be surprised just how much capacity these industrial strength oil absorbing mats can have.

And here’s another cool thing… oil absorbing mats are reusable. Just clean them and they’re ready for action once again.

Where can you use oil absorbing mats? There are many places you can use them, for example on walkways, in work areas, underneath machinery, and just about anywhere you like.

Of course there ARE limitations for where oil absorbing mats might be appropriate. For example, they’re obviously not made to be used on top of drums and work surfaces, at least not usually. So you still need some oil absorbent pads and maybe rolls handy for spills in places where you can’t have the mats.

That’s not really a big hardship though… Pads are inexpensive, so it won’t cost much to get some absorbent pads. Those pads are also small and portable, so you can keep stashes of them around anywhere you might need them.

Now here’s a question you might have…

Why do you need specifically oil absorbent pads and rolls — and oil absorbing mats, as opposed to just any old mats? I mean, if you get universal mats, they’ll work for everything, won’t they?

Well that’s exactly the point. In certain contexts, you want to make sure your oil absorbing mats absorb oil only. That way, they won’t be saturated with water, for example if you use them outdoors, and instead save their capacity for oil and oil-based chemicals only.

If it were to rain on a mat and it were to absorb water as well as oil, it would be completely saturated in about ten minutes flat, depending on the intensity of the rain. And then you’d have to bring out another mat, and another one, and so on. Not very practical, is it?

So you definitely want to be sure that your oil absorbing mats absorb oil only, at least for certain contexts, especially outdoors.

As you can see, these oil absorbing mats are a very convenient tool to help you keep your place clean and safe. Any quality safety products dealer will have a selection and will be able to help you pick the best oil absorbing mats for your facility

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