Oil-Only Pads – Perfect for Cleaning Up Oil Spills Easily and Economically

What’s the most economical tool to clean up oil spills? Well, depends on the size of course, but read on for the easiest and most economical of them all: oil-only pads.

oil only pads

You can get them in two kinds: regular and high performance. Both of them are economical, and both can be had as pads or as rolls. Basically, they’re much like super heavy duty paper towels that specialize in cleaning up oil-based messes.

They’re easy enough to use too — just wipe. One especially handy thing is that they can also reach into areas where oil absorbent pillows wouldn’t fit. And they’re definitely a whole lot less messy than loose absorbents.

They’re also great at cleaning up oil slicks on bodies of water since they only absorb oil and repel water. Just draw them through the water, and the oil stays on the pad.

Of course, this makes them great to use for outdoors spills and should be kept handy on any boating trip — or any other activity where there’s a danger of an oil spill on water.

How can they be so sturdy and absorbent? The pads and rolls are bonded ultrasonically. There’s one layer of specially created fabric (lint free) bonded with a layer of meltblown polypropylene. For even greater absorbing power, the pads are dimpled, which results in a greater surface.

There’s another nice thing about those pads. They actually retain their shape no matter how much oil they have absorbed. And speaking of economical — you can actually wring them out and use them again. Seriously. Just like a dish rag.

Now you may wonder if you need special equipment to get them off the rolls. Not to worry. They may be tough, but they’re also perforated, so you can just tear off as many sheets as you need. And ONLY as many sheets as you need.

So you’re convinced they’re the way to clean up oil spills. But what if you need to clean up other fluids as well? Are there pads for those uses too?

Of course there are. Absorbent pads are available in all the same types as other absorbents.

This means that there are also universal absorbent pads and rolls. They’re designed to soak up all kinds of liquids, including water, chemicals, and oil-based liquids of just about any kind.

And as with all absorbents, there’s also a hazmat version. But if it’s oils you want to mop up, then oil-only absorbent pads are obviously your best bet.

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