Oil Sorbent Pads Clean Up Anywhere Fast

Oil Sorbent Pads

Oil Sorbent Pads – What’s the Scoop?

What do you do when you have a minor oil spill? It may not be terribly dangerous, but it can be quite a hassle. Oil tends to be notoriously messy, and you don’t want an oil slick where people can slip and fall either. So fast clean-up is on the essence and oil sorbent pads fit the bill.

Not that you get around the usual two-step process when it comes to clean up spills, unless the spill really is VERY minor. In that case, just take your oil sorbent pads and give it a quick wipe, and it will be all gone.

Of course in order to do that, you have to have them handy right then and there. And that’s where pads are perfect! They’re so inexpensive and handy, and they don’t take up much space. This makes it easy to keep a small stash of them just about anywhere where oil spills might occur. And as a result – all you have to do is reach out and yoou’re ready for taking care of the clean-up.

oil sorbent pads

That’s right! You can just grab one of those oil sorbent pads and soak up the leaking oil before it can make a nuisance of itself.

But if the spill is a bit bigger, you will definitely need the two-step approach: The first step is to contain the spill, and the second step is to clean it up.

Containing the spill

When it comes to containing the spill, it will depend on where the spill is as well as the size of the spill. When it comes to spills that happen on land, the perfect tool for containing oil spills are spill berms. They’re economical and quite practical, not to mention highly effective. And depending on which ones you get, you’ll be happy to know that most of them don’t take up too much space either.

So if bigger oil spills are something you have to deal with on a regular basis, just keep some spill berms handy along with your oil sorbent pads, so you can arrange them around any spill that might happen to contain it right away. Then bring out the absorbents and mop away at the spilled liquid with your oil sorbent pads.

What if the spill is in a body of water? You would need to use oil booms instead of the spill berms, and then there are oil absorbent booms available for cleaning up.

But then again, if it’s just a tiny spill you can simply use oil sorbent pads and skim the oil right off the water.

How expensive are oil sorbent pads? You’ll be happy to know that they are not very! expensive at all. And the best thing is — you can even reuse them.

Here’s how:

Oil Sorbent Pads – How to Reuse Them

As you use your oil sorbent pads to clean up the spill, you can put them through a handwringer and wring out the oil between go-arounds. That way, you can use the same few pads repeatedly, over and over, and you’ll not only save a lot of money, but you also avoid adding unnecessary waste material to a landfill.

And that’s another reason why oil sorbent pads should take a prime spot in your spill containment and cleanup kit.

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