Oil Spill Booms — Containing and Cleaning Up Oil Spills On Water

Oil spills on water can be an environmental disaster. It’s important to clean them up as thoroughly as possible — and as fast as possible. Fortunately, oil spill booms can help you do that.

As with all big spills, the clean-up is a two-step process. And when it comes to oil spills on water, both steps involve oil spill booms.

Oil Spill Booms – Ideal for Containment

The first step: containment. And oil containment booms are made for the job. They’re long, can be combined into a huge necklace of sorts that encircles the spill and keeps it from spreading. And, yes, of course, they float.

There are actually two kinds of oil booms — absorbing and non-absorbing. The non-absorbing ones are strictly made for containment purposes, and they have a kind of skirt that will prevent oil from floating underneath them and escaping into the environment.

oil spill booms


Absorbing oil booms will also work. Which one to choose depends on a variety of factor, especially on how rough the water is and how big the oil slick.

Oil Spill Booms – Oil Absorbent for Clean-Up

Once the oil is contained, it’s time to absorb the oil itself. And for that part of the job, it’s the oil absorbing variety of oil spill booms all around. They’re generally about 10 feet long and can absorb a substantial amount of oil until they’re saturated and have to be replaced.

Imagine how many socks and pillows you would need to get that kind of absorbency power! Which might make you wonder if you can also use oil spill booms on land. And the answer is yes, of course you can, for absorption rather than containment.

On land, your containment tool of choice may well be spill berms rather than oil spill booms. But if you have a lot of oil to clean up, oil spill booms are great for the job once the oil is contained in one place.

Once you’re thinking about how to prepare, it’s a good idea, of course, to have a wide range of options available for spills of different sizes, especially on land. However, if you want to be ready for big spills on water, oil spill booms are definitely the way to go

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