Oil Spill Cleanup Solutions For Boat Owners

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Just one quart of oil can create an oil slick larger then two acres in diameter.  One gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel can contaminate a million gallons of water.

You can see why it is important to contain petroleum products due to the negative effect they have on the marine environment. Marine pollution can be prevented with oil absorbent pads and bilge booms. Oil absorbent pads and bilge booms will absorb hydrocarbons such as fuel and oil only – not water. These products will not sink even if they are saturated.

Oil Absorbent Pads

  • Have supply on hand to use when working on engine, changing the oil or when refueling.
  • Usually white in color. Available in heavy, medium and light weights.
  • Can be used on water surface to absorb any oil or gas sheen. They will not sink in water.

Bilge Booms

  • Lower the bilge boom into your bilge, sump or tank to absorb oil.
  • Available in boom 8” x 18” with rope loops for fastening and in net bags 21” x 16” x 6”
  • They will not sink even when saturated. Replace when heavily soiled.
  • Impervious to rot and mildew.

Remember that when the bilge pump is activated the fluids are pumped over board. Never discharge or pump any bilge water that appears oily into or near the water.

Small inexpensive spill kits are also available. It would be a good idea to have one or two on your boat just incase of an accidental oil spill while you are out on the water.

Proper disposal is required of these products once they are used. Dispose of according to local, State and Federal regulations.

For more information on oil spill cleanup for boat owners see this  article linked here.

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