Oil Spill Containment Boom Lessons Learned from Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

We wish we could prevent any and all oil spills. Unfortunately, that’s wishful thinking. We can certainly reduce their likelihood and frequency, but most importantly, we must be prepared at all times, with oil spill containment boom and other equipment. After all, they can be devastating as we can see right now in the Gulf of Mexico.

That oil spill vividly demonstrates what can happen if a company is not prepared. The oil continues to spill out of control weeks later, and the environmental disaster continues to grow.

We all should make a point of learning the lesson from this Gulf Oil Spill disaster: Preparation is crucial. We’re reminded of that lesson every time we turn on the TV or open a paper.
oil spill containment boom


Meanwhile, even people who have never spent much time thinking about oil spills, now learn a lot about how to clean them up. They may not have ever seen an oil boom before or even known what they were. But as we’re watching on TV as countless booms are deployed to help keep the spilled oil away from coastal areas, the oil spill containment boom is becoming a household word.

And here are some lessons from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster:

1) Oil spills can cause more damage than you could ever imagine

The Valdez oil spill more than 20 years ago clearly showed us just how much damage can be wreaked by oil spills. And yet, the current Gulf of Mexico oil spill has already far surpassed it in terms of magnitude and environmental damage.

And even though your own potential oil spills are tiny in comparison, don’t underestimate the damage they can cause.

2) Preparation is key

The second lesson is to be prepared at all times. While spills happen without warning, we must be able to handle them at a moment’s notice.

And being ready means to have the right kind of equipment at hand. And as we’re seeing now, the oil spill containment boom is a must-have. After all, they float on water and prevent the oil from spreading. While they can’t work miracles, they do help with keeping the oil away from more sensitive areas… and they help make clean-up easier as well.

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