Oil Spill Containment Boom: Selecting the Right One.

How do you pick the right oil spill containment boom? It helps to fully understand what they do and how they work, and finally, where you plan to use them.

Oil Spill Containment Boom

An oil spill containment boom is designed to … contain oil spills, generally on water. When oil spills on water, it spreads very quickly, and it can cause a lot of damage to the environment. It also makes it very difficult to clean up the oil.

So when oil has spilled on a body of water, the first order of business is containment. That means, to keep the oil in a limited area in order to prevent it from spreading. And the tool of choice for accomplishing this goal is the oil spill containment boom.

Oil booms are long cylindrical devices that float on water. There are two different kinds: absorbent and non-absorbent. For the containment portion of the task, the non-absorbent kind is generally the better choice. The absorbent kind is then used to actually absorb the oil and clean things up.

Since we’re focusing on oil spill containment boom options, we’re going to stick with the non-absorbent variety. As it turns out, there are more decisions to be made.

There are several types of non-absorbent booms available, and which one is the right kind depends on which type of watery surface you’re dealing with.

If an oil spill has occurred in a quiet lake or a swampy area, you’ll need a boom with different features than if you want to contain a spill in a choppy coastal area.

Oil Spill Containment Boom Options

Let’s look at a few options in turn:


The EconoMax is a very economical solution for an oil spill in calm or protected waters. A non-absorbent oil spill containment boom, it’s compact and light in weight, which also can be folded into sections since it has flat panels. That makes it easy to store in boats, trucks, or other kinds of vehicles. It’s also easy to deploy it by hand.

This oil spill containment boom even has handles and anchor points, plus there are additional accessories available, including lights, carry bags, repair kits, anchors, reflectors, and towing sets. It’s also easy to clean and reuse.

Super Swamp

Another option for calm waters, especially when they are shallow, is the Super Swamp containment boom. It’s light in weight and easy to transport.

Simplex Boom

If you need to protect a shoreline or a coastline, you need something a lot sturdier. Here, the Simplex containment boom is a great option. It’s the industrial standard, and has a sturdy construction. It can also be moved easily to let boat traffic through.
oil spill containment boom



It has handles and anchor points, along with heavy duty marine-grade connectors.

Finally, there’s also the Optimax (two versions) that are ideal for rougher waters, especially in areas with fast currents, from rivers to shorelines.

They need an even sturdier construction, so they’re fitted with steel cables strong enough for towing and withstanding strong currents. They too have the usual accessories, including anchors, repair kits, lights, reflectors, and towing sets.

Oil Spill Containment Boom Selection

So how to pick your perfect oil spill containment boom? Just consider the body of water where you might face a spill risk, and choose accordingly. Of course, a reputable dealer will be happy to help you select the oil spill containment boom that is right for you.

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