Oil Spill Kits — Perfect for Oil Spills on Water or on Land

Will you have to handle an oil spill at some point? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to be prepared…  You’ll need  oil spill kits — or several.

As you shop for oil spill kits, here are some of the things to consider:  size, portability, and even type of absorbent.
oil spill kits
1)  Type of absorbent

First, you need to consider the type of absorbent.  That seems a no-brainer, but in fact there are options.  There are absorbents for oil only, and then there are universal and hazmat absorbents. The latter two can also handle water-based liquids.

If you need to skim oil off water, as they need to do in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Louisiana coast line, then the oil only version is the one to choose.

2) Size

It’s true.  Size really does matter, certainly when it comes to oil spill kits.  Your kit needs to be big enough to handle the type of oil spills you’re likely to encounter.

One of the painful lessons from the Gulf Oil Spill is that they clearly weren’t prepared for a spill of the size they are trying to cope with right now.  Unfortunately, the consequences are disastrous.

Your spills are likely to be much smaller.  Just don’t underestimate the damage even small oil spills can cause.  Make sure you have a oil spill kit handy that is big enough to handle whatever type of spill you’re likely to encounter.

3) Portability

What good are the best oil spill kits if you can’t get it to where it’s needed? Make sure your kit is portable or that it has wheels so you can move it quickly to the spill location.

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