Oil Spill Pads — Help You Be Prepared for Spills Anytime and Anywhere

If you’re storing oil, spills and leaks are just about unavoidable.  And of course, spills result in a big mess.  It’s a good thing that oil spill pads provide a handy solution to get them mopped up.

You may think that oil spill kits are the perfect way to deal with spills. And that’s generally true.  Those spill kits come in a huge range of sizes and types, and it’s not hard to get just the right ones for your needs.

The problem?  They’re bulky and take up a lot of space.  They’re also expensive. If you have a big facility with many different areas where spills can occur, you aren’t likely to have a kit any in all of those spill prone areas.  So what do you do instead?

oil spill pads


That’s where oil spill pads can come in really handy. You buy a big box and dole them out, making sure that anywhere where there’s oil that could spill or leak you have some pads at the ready.

That way, there won’t be a delay when a spill could occur.  You just reach into the drawer or in your pocket or onto the shelf, i.e., wherever you’ve stashed your oil spill pads, and you can clean things up.

You’ll also like the fact that they’re really inexpensive, especially if you can recycle them with a hand wringer.  But even if not, they’re far less pricey than spill kits.

And obviously, oil only spill pads are good for any kind of oil based liquid or hydrocarbon chemical, including things like fuel, solvents, diesel, and yes, even vegetable oil.

So keep a box or a roll of oil spill pads around, deposit pads anywhere you might need them, and you’ll know that you’ve done your part to assure almost instant clean-up anytime a spill should occur.

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