Oil Spill Prevention — Preparation is Key

What are you doing about oil spill prevention? It’s important to make sure to prevent oil spills if at all possible. And if it’s not possible, they should at least be cleaned up immediately after the fact.

But prevention is better. And the best way to go about it is to make it difficult for the oil to escape even if it should leak or spill from its primary container. The way to do that is to put the drums or whatever it happens to come in inside another container.

One thing to avoid is to just stash the barrels without any protection. That’s a really bad idea. All it takes is a rusty spot or a leak, or even for those drums to come tumbling down, and you’ve got a big mess on your hands.

So how can you create that extra protection. There are a lot of industrial safety products available that are designed to do just that.

oil spill prevention


You could use pallets for example. That’s probably the easiest solution if you handle drums in your facility. Just put them on pallets, and you’re covered if they should leak or spill.

Another oil spill prevention technique is actually not exactly a preventive technique since the spill has already occurred. However, it will prevent the problem from becoming worse.

In order to prevent a spill from spreading you can surround it with spill berms. That will keep the spill contained for easy clean-up, and it will prevent it from contaminating the environment or your facility.

There are different spill berms available, with and without bottoms. The latter kind can be very handy on trucks. Just place it on the truck and then place the oil drums or other chemicals on top of it. If a spill should happen, it will be safely contained by the spill berm.

The key to oil spill prevention is of course to take proactive steps. And that means to create safety layers between the oil and the surroundings, whether you use pallets or berms, or something else. And you should also have a good supply of absorbents handy to clean up any spills that might still occur.

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