OSHA Cabinet Guidelines – Choosing a Safety Cabinet that Meets OSHA Regulations

If you store flammable liquids in your facility, you must store them in compliance with OSHA regulations. Examples of flammable liquids include acids, paint and ink, oil, and pesticides, as well as any other hazardous liquids in your facility. The law requires you to comply with OSHA guidelines, so that means safe storage is a must.

Fortunately, storing these chemicals is not that hard. What you need is an OSHA cabinet, or several. In fact, you have your choice of a large selection of safety cabinets that meet OSHA requirements. Whether you need to store a few small containers or a large number of big drums, you will be able to find the right size cabinet to fit your needs.

OSHA cabinet

Once you know what size drum you need, ranging from 2 gallons to 120 gallons, your next choice is the material. The most common and the favored material is steel because it meets MFPA Code 30 as well as OSHA’s specifications. If you need to store aggressive pesticides or acids, a polyethylene cabinet is necessary.

The good news is that you can obtain specific cabinets for different purposes. This allows you to acquire maximum safety. If you are in doubt as to how to achieve this, ask your industrial safety equipment supplier for advice.

Features you should look for in an OSHA cabinet include: Adjustable shelves, and a corrosion resistant powder coating finish. Most models do include poly shelf and bottom trays to get you started.

With all of these features, you can expect the risk of industrial fires to go down, since improper storage tends to be the culprit. This should motivate you to do the right thing and keep your dangerous liquids stored in the correct OSHA cabinet.

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