Overpack Drums — The General Purpose Storing and Transporting Solution

Maybe you have all sorts of different chemicals that you need to store and transport. And of course, you also have soiled absorbent material from cleaning up the occasional spill. Where do you keep them all until you can get rid of them in a proper fashion?

Your solution? Overpack drums! They’re all-purpose drums perfect for your situation. They’re huge open-head drums and specifically designed for storing and transporting all that soiled material you get from using absorbents the way the were supposed to be used — to absorb miscellaneous chemicals. How huge? Big enough to hold either 65 or 95 gallons.

overpack drums

Overpack drums aren’t fussy. You can use them to store almost anything. And they work really well for spill containment too. As big as they are, you can actually use them to hold other containers, including damaged or leaky ones, just as long as they’re no bigger than 55 gallons in size.

There’s even a legal requirement that you must secure leaky containers with absorbent material before transporting them, so just put them inside of an overpack drum with absorbents to wick up the leaking and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re wondering who these overpack drums are for (and if they’re right for you), here’s your answer:

If you handle or store any hazardous chemicals, they’re for you. And they’re for any business that does the same. Those businesses include transportation companies, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, warehouses, labs, and, obviously, clean-up contractors.

They all use them to protect themselves, their employees, and the environment. And to make sure you get your money’s worth, check if the overpack drums you’re buying are resistant to the effects of inclement weather, UV exposure, and chemicals. And check for quality construction and material (preferably 100% high density polypropylene) as well as compliance with DOT 49 CFR 173.25 and other regulations for transporting hazardous chemicals.

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