Paint Storage Cabinets – Don’t Let Your Paints Become a Fire Hazard

Are you worried about your paints being a fire hazard? You should be. Here’s how to store them safely with the help of paint storage cabinets.

Fortunately, they already come in containers that are designed to keep them relatively safe.

But note that word “relatively.” It’s not good enough. As you know, most industrial fires are caused by the improper storage of flammable liquids. So you need another line of defense.

paint storage cabinets


And you can get that by keeping your paints and inks in specially designed cabinets, They may be smaller than most cabinets, but they should still have all the safety features that larger safety cabinets have.

This includes that they’re made out of 18 gauge high quality stainless steel, and they have double walls all around, including top, bottom, sides, and doors, with 1.5 inches of air space between the walls.

They’re available either as floor models, or even as tower models with legs. The legs will allow you to move your paint storage cabinets easily, for example with a pallet jack or a forklift. You can also place them in areas where the floor is not flat and may have outlets or cables.

Just make sure that your new paint storage cabinets meet the requirements of OSHA and the EPA, as well as those of the NFPA.

These paint storage cabinets are also lockable, so they will prevent theft. But most importantly, they will keep your paints and inks safe by providing a solid barrier that will prevent them from escaping and spilling or leaking, and they also protect them if there should be a small fire in the facility so they won’t be able to turn that small incident into a big disaster.

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