How to Make Your Paint Storage Cabinets NFPA and OSHA Compliant

When storing paints, inks, and chemicals in paint storage cabinets, it is important that you choose cabinets that are NFPA and OSHA compliant. This means that you have your chemicals stored in a way that is safe. And not just any kind of safe but safe enough to meet the stringent standards of NFPA and OSHA.

Of course those requirements aren’t the only reason why you want to make sure your chemicals are safely stored away. You also want to ensure that your employees and your property are protected from the chemicals.

In addition, paints and inks can be a formidable fire hazard, yet if you’re storing them correctly, the risk of fire is much reduced as well.

paint storage cabinets

The right kind of storage cabinets also gives you much better control over your inventory because you can lock away your chemicals. This reduces the risk of theft and this can save you a significant amount of money.

So how do you know you’re getting the right paint storage cabinets? Here are a few things to look for:

First of all, there’s sturdy construction. Look for steel construction, double walls, and all the other features of high quality cabinets. The ideal cabinets can also be elevated off the floor (for example to make up for uneven surface areas or to straddle other installations, like pipes and such). They can also be moved with a pallet jack or hand truck. Finally, look for adjustable shelves, preferably some that can support up to 350 pounds (depending on size of cabinet, of course).

When you have all of the right features in your paint storage cabinets, you should have no problem meeting regulations. And you can rest assured that you, your employees, your facility and everyone in and around it will be safe.

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