Portable Spill Containment Helps You Be Ready for Any Spills

Portable spill containment equipment can help you be prepared for a spill. If you’re handling oil or other chemicals, you should be — anytime and anyplace. The unfortunate reality is that if there’s a substance that can leak or get spilled, sooner or later, it will. And it’s your job to make sure that spill doesn’t turn into a bigger problem. Fortunately, you can do that by using portable spill containment.

Right now, oil spills and their environmental consequences are on the news almost daily, what with the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Disaster. So we’re vividly being reminded that we must be prepared.

portable spill containment

Portable Spill Containment

But exactly how should we prepare?


We need to be ready for two things: to contain a spill quickly, and to clean it up. These are two necessary parts of the spill management process.

First, we must make sure a spill doesn’t spread and thereby limit any potential damage. But we also need to clean it up. After all, we can’t just let it sit there, nicely contained, forever.

But many people wonder… just what does it mean to contain a spill?

It means to surround it with some kind of barrier so that the liquid won’t be able to escape into the surrounding area. And the key to accomplish that is portable spill containment.

The tool of choice? Berms. Some berms are big and bulky, but there are also some available that are eminently portable, and those would be the ones you should stock up on so you’ll have them available anywhere, anytime.

You can keep them in the trunk of your car or truck, and near workstations, or just about anywhere where a spill is a possibility. And when that spill happens, you can simply drape your spill berm around the spill and it will keep it contained, ready for clean-up.

To ensure it will do its job, though, it’s important to choose high quality portable spill containment from a reputable source. After all, portable and light in weight doesn’t mean light on quality!

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