Proper Battery Containment — How to Keep Your Facility Safe

The safety of your facility must be a top priority. And batteries can be dangerous. So it makes sense to contain them properly to prevent accidents and other problems.

Through proper battery containment, you are keeping any battery acid that might leak at bay. It is instantaneously contained, preventing people and equipment from accidentally coming into contact with the acid. This also keeps the acid from contaminating the environment.

But what constitutes the proper battery containment? That depends on what kind of budget you are working with, the space you are working with, and the size of the batteries. For standard batteries such as lawnmower, car, and other small batteries, containment cabinets may work out best. For larger batteries or large volumes of smaller batteries, you may wish to employ spill pallets.

battery containment

Spill pallets allow you to store entire stacks of your batteries. The reason why pallets are a good choice is that they are made out of corrosion resistant material — and that’s crucial because battery acid is highly corrosive.

So if any of the batteries should leak, you’ll know that the spill pallet will be able to contain that spill and you can get your battery acid absorbents to clean things up.

If you’re wondering how pallets work… the pallets have a containment area that can capture leaked or spilled acid, preventing it from coming into contact with employees or equipment. This will help prevent personal injury and damage to business assets.

So ultimately, proper battery containment makes good business sense by protecting your assets and preventing legal and liability problems.

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