Safety Products — How to Cover Your Back

You know you need safety products to keep your facility safe.  The question is which ones?

Let’s take a look at the various aspects of safety that need to be covered:

1) Prevention

Prevention is a great concept. It means you make sure no accidents occur, or at least as few as possible.  In an industrial setting, this means for example that dangerous chemicals are safely contained. More specifically, there’s always a double layer for protection, in case the primary layer should leak or break.

The key tools for this purpose are pallets. You can get basic pallets and place your drums on them.  Or you can get more complex pallets, including platforms for entire work stations, covered pallets suitable for outdoors use, and special pallets suitable for dispensing units.

Another line of preventive products includes safety cabinet, which provide a different kind of double layer of protection.

2) Containment and Clean up

The second category of safety products deals with containment and clean up.  These products include booms, berms, more pallets, and absorbents, which are available in a wide range of types and forms as well.

You should be sure to use the right kind of absorbent depending on what has been spilled.  They come as oil only, all purpose, haz mat type absorbents, and there are even specialty absorbents.

And then, absorbents also come in different delivery forms. Some come in bags and can be sprinkled onto liquid and the swept up after they have absorbed the noxious substance.  Or you can get them as pads, rolls, pillows, socks, and berms, which are designed to absorb liquids.

3) More safety products

In addition to containment products and absorbents, there are other safety products that serve a range of important functions.  Among them are anti-fatigue mats, which help keep empoyees healthy and in good spirits, and things like bollards, corner protectors, and ramps.

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