Salvage Drums – The Versatile Way to Store and Transport Hazardous Substances

How do you store chemicals at your plant? How about soiled clean up materials? There’s one perfect multipurpose solution: salvage drums.

One of the things that makes salvage drums so versatile is that they can be used for all sorts of uses and chemicals. If you have soiled chemicals or clean-up materials to store until you can get rid of them safely, salvage drums are just the ticket.

salvage drums

And if we say wide variety of chemicals, we mean it. Salvage drums. can handle dry cleaning compounds, pool chemicals, dyes, solvents, acids, and whatever hazardous chemicals you could think of. Whatever left-over chemicals you get from the work you do, salvage drums will keep them out of your way and in a safe place until proper disposal. This is also important because it helps you to comply with EPA, OSHA, and other state and federal regulations.

You can also use them for transportation. And yes, they can help you comply with DOT 49 CFR regulations. You can use them as original containers, or, if you’re transporting chemicals, you can load the container with the chemical inside the salvage drum.

Are you wondering which companies have salvage drums on hand? A wide range of companies, including transportation companies, warehouses, factories, medical facilities, and, naturally, spill clean up companies.

As always when you shop for containers for your chemicals, you should check to see if they’re resistant to chemicals and, yes, bad weather. Also make sure your salvage drums. comply with DOT regulations.

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