Secondary Spill Containment Helps You Comply with EPA Rules

Does your business comply with all EPA rules? In your line of business it is important that you are EPA compliant, especially when you are working with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, secondary spill containment pallets can help you meet any and all EPA requirements.

Chances are good that you need to store drums that contain chemicals or other substances that are harmful to the environment. They are bound to be also harmful to those working around them. What to do? It’s your responsibility to make sure that any and all spills that occur are contained properly.

And the easiest and most economic way to handle this particular assignment is to use secondary spill containment, specifically pallets.

secondary spill containment

How do secondary spill containment pallets work? They are grated pallets with a containment unit underneath them that will catch spills that occur while drums are sitting on top of them.

And to ensure that your drums are not only stored but also transported safely, you have the option of using a ramp so you can easily use a hand truck or a dolly to place the drums on top of the secondary spill containment pallet.

So if you have a problem with hazardous spills and you need a way to contain them quickly and safely, secondary spill containment will help you to do this. That way, you don’t have to spend time cleaning up messy spills, you are saving manpower and you’re keeping the workplace safer as well.

As a nice bonus, by keeping things safe and avoiding problems, you are also protecting your business’s bottom line.

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