How to shop for Spill Kits

When you’re working with hazardous liquids and chemicals, you need to make sure you’re prepared for the inevitable: spills. Whether you’re storing your chemicals in your shop area or at your manufacturing plant, or whether you are transporting them, sooner or later, there is going to be a spill.

It’s not a matter of whether, but of when. You simply must be prepared, and the easiest way to make sure you’re ready for any eventuality is to shop around for a spill kit — before you need one.

Red 5-gallon bucket spill kit

Red 5-gallon bucket spill kit

Of course you want to make sure to get the type of spill kits that will best help you contain any potential leakage.

And even though it’s obvious, I’ll say it anyway: the number one consideration is the type (and amount) of liquid that could be involved in a spill.

Why do you have to consider the type of liquid? Well, spill kits use absorbents, and not all absorbents work for all types of liquids. So spill kits are classified by the types of absorbents they used. There are four major types:

1) Universal kits can be used for a broad range of liquids.

2) Oil only kits obviously work only on oil and oil-related substances.

3) Hazmat spill kits are needed when you’re handling hazardous materials of any kind.

4) Specialty kits are for materials that need more specialized handling: Battery Acid and Mercury. Spill kits that are designed specifically for acid spills can contain either liquid or dry acid neutralizer. Mercury kits on the other hand are designed to control mercury vapor.

In addition to the type of liquid, you should also consider how big a spill could potentially get. You can easily find the appropriate spill kit for just about any size spill. For smalller volume spills, get bucket or bagged kits, and for larger spills, get a drum spilled kit or maybe a wheeled cart kit.

And if you’re dealing with hazardous materials, be sure your kit also includes protective gear for you or your employees. Safety is not something to be skimped on.

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