Shopping for Truck Spill Kits

Do you really need a truck spill kit? If you are driving a truck, you do.

After all, spills happen, and for truck drivers, they can mean big trouble, especially if they transport hazardous materials. Both DOT and EPA regulations require that you are prepared for such eventualities.

And not only are spill kits the solution of choice for dealing with spills, but truck spill kits tend to be a particularly cost effective way to meet your legal obligations. You should check specifically for truckers’ emergency spill kits or portable truckers spill kits. Read on and you’ll see what I mean by “good deal.”

In fact, companies who specialize in selling absorbents and other safety equipment find that their portable truckers spill kits are by far their most popular portable spill kits. And for good reason:

truck spill kits

They’re much more economical than the other kinds because you only pay for what you really want. There’s no expensive or costly container that would increase the price. Instead, it comes in a sturdy transparent plastic bag and, best of all, it can be resealed (with a ziplock closure no less!) — so you can use just a portion of the contents and save the rest for another time.

Here’s what you should look for when you’re shopping for a truckers spill kits: get kits that include extras, such as safety gloves and goggles. Those are not usually included in the cheaper variety, but they can come in really handy, and will protect you, and your crew, and any bystanders as well.

You can also get them in two sizes to fit your situation. You may choose the bigger or the smaller size depending on the size of the truck. And just because they’re called truck spill kits doesn’t mean you can’t use them for other spills as well. That may be a great money-savings tip right there. Keep them around the plant or the facility, or in other vehicles in addition to your truck or trucks.

And there won’t be a problem with knowing what to do with them. They have detailed instructions on the outside, so you can read them before you actually need the info — and without the need for opening the package.

And, of course, spill kits come for different kinds of spills as well — universal, which is the generic version, oil, and hazmat. Put some thought into what you might need and get the appropriate kind. The EPA will thank you.

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