Single Drum Spill Containment — The Easy Solution for Leaky Drums

Do you have to store drums full of liquids and chemicals. Then you know how easily they can leak. But it doesn’t have to cause big problems as long as you have proper single drum spill containment in place.

That’s if you have one drum, or maybe a drum here and there in your workshop or facility. If you have lots of drums, you probably would prefer modular units.

single drum spill containment

For now, though let’s focus on single drum spill containment. After all, almost everything that’s true for those also applies for multi-drum units. And more specifically, we’re talking about pallets here.

And of course pallets are basically big saucers, which work a lot like those you put under a cup of coffee or underneath a flower pot. Their job is to catch any errant fluid and keep it from ruining the furniture, or rather, in the case of drum pallets, the floor.

Unlike your basic saucers, pallets generally have a sturdy polyethylene grate that can be removed for easy clean-up. And the pallets too are made out of very sturdy material, that same high density polyethylene.

Why polyethylene and not steel? Well… first of all, that makes them lighter in weight, and second… pallets need to withstand all sorts of fluids, and even though you don’t usually think of plastic as being sturdier than steel, the fact is that when it comes to being resistant to corrosive materials, plastic wins hands-down.

What else should you get? You probably ought to consider getting a ramp for easy loading and unloading of those drums, and also some kind of dolly or maybe a mobile dispensing cart. That’s because at 30 or even 55 gallons, those drums can get rather heavy when they’re full.

But with dollies and ramps, they’re easy enough to handle, which also helps prevent spills and potential injuries among those who have to maneuver those drums around the facility. Meanwhile, having proper single drum spill containment in place will go a long way towards keeping your facility safe and EPA compliant.

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