The Sorbent Pad — A Clean-up Tool for Many Occasions

Do you need to clean up spills in a hurry? A sorbent pad or five may fit the bill. That’s because there are different types to fit almost any absorbency need. Here are some of the sorbent pad types that you can use to fit any of your potential spill situations:

sorbent pads

1) Universal maintenance absorbent pad

Good for any kind of spill (almost)

2) Oil absorbent pad

Great for oil spills. Also useful if you need to skim oil from a body of water.

3) Economy oil absorbent pad

Perfect for taking care of large amounts of spilled oil.

4) Hazmat absorbent pad

This will absorb hydrocarbons as well as other hazardous chemicals quickly before they can do serious damage.

5) Polybacked absorbent pad

Perfect for when you need an absorbent pad with an impenetrable poly backing

6) Anti-static absorbent pad

Use this one when you need to absorb fuels that are volatile even in cold temperatures.

All of these are great for your spill situation. If you are not sure what your particular spill situation may be, you can go with the universal maintenance absorbent pad because it will more or less take care of any spills that may come your way.

Basically, there is a sorbent pad that will fit all of your needs. So when you need a spill cleaned up quickly and economically, sorbent pads will get the job done.

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