Sorbent Pads — Cleaning Up Spills on a Budget

Sorbent pads are great for cleaning up spills.   Read on to discover which type to get for which kinds of spills.

In industrial settings, no matter how big or small, sorbent pads are essential.  They’re small, economical, and highly efficient.  Because of their small size, they are not only easy to store and to keep handy anywhere a potential spill could occur.  They’re also modular, so you won’t need to waste more than you need for the job, yet you can afford to be prepared at all times.

sorbent pads

The good ting is that even if you have a bigger spill, they might fill the ticket.
After all, they can be ordered in big boxes and even in rolls.  You should also invest in a handwringer. That way, you’ll be able to wring them out even during the clean-up and reuse them dozens and even hundreds of times.

Don’t use a mass of sorbent pads and fill your entire garbage can with the soiled remnants of your spill.  You can handle the spill with just a handful of pads since you can reuse the same ones over and over again.

Sorbent pads can also be very sophisticated. There are three main types:

They come in versions for oil only jobs, for example.  These are perfect for situations where you have to separate oil from water, and for example an oil layer has to be cleaned off a body of water.

You can also get hazmat sorbent pads for hazardous materials, antistatic ones for special situations, and, of course, all-purpose sorbent pads that can be used anywhere to clean up all sorts of liquids.  Those are the ones that are especially good to have handy at all times.

But if you know you’ll have to clean up an oil spill, or if you’re using equipment that might leak oil into water, you should stock a supply of oil only pads as well, just in case. You’ll be glad you have those sorbent pads handy if your boat’s engine has a leak, or if some diesel spills while you refill the tank.

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