Spill Berms — Deciding on the Right Spill Berms for Your Situation

Spill berms are the perfect way to contain spills since they are a fact of life. You’ve heard correctly. Read on to find out more about berms and how to pick the ones that will work for you.

What Are Spill Berms?

Here’s what they are: They’re basically a kind of bracket that contains spills so they won’t make a big mess and will be easy to clean up. Of course, there are different kinds to fit all kinds of different situations. Here’s how you figure out which ones to get:

L-Bracket Spill Berms

L-bracket berms are the most popular spill berms. That’s because it’s economical and effective for most situations.

The idea is that you arrange it around the spill area so it will contain the fluid and prevent it from spreading. This makes clean-up easy too.

Snap up Spill Berms

Other spill berms are designed so that you can simply place them on the ground, and then put your equipment right on top of them. Automatically, the sides will snap up, which is why they’re often called snap-up berms, and create a basin for any leaking fluids. Again, clean-up will be easy, and the potentially hazardous chemicals won’t escape and become a threat to the environment.

Another handy way to use those snap-up berms is to lay them out on the bed of your truck. This is particularly useful if you’re transporting drums with chemicals.

Assembly required spill berms

There are also spill berms that require assembly, but fear not. It’s very easy. And those berms are especially portable, and they come with instructions too.

What’s the right size spill berms?

What size spill berms should you get? They come in various sizes. Some are small and very portable, so you can take them with you to the location where you might need them or keep them on your truck or in your trunk. Others are big enough to fit underneath an entire tanker truck. Which size is right for you? Whichever size can handle the kinds of spills that could happen that you might be responsible for.

As you can see, spill berms aren’t hard to keep around and will help you be prepared for leaks and spills. Make sure that you get good quality spill berms from a reputable dealer though.

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