Spill Containers

Spill containers are essential for preventing problems.  You place your drums and other spill-prone containers inside them, and they’ll contain any leaks and spills.

Generally, spill containers are the same thing as spill pallets. Fortunately, pallets come in many different shapes and sizes, so you will easily find what you need.  Here are the main options:

spill containers


a) Basic Pallets and Platforms

The basic version of the pallet is the platform, which basically is a type of basin with a grid inside upon which you can place your drums and other containers.  They are actually made especially for drums, and come in different sizes (for 1 to 8 drums) as well as in modular units, so you can combine them into work areas.

b) Covered Spill Pallets

Covered spill pallets are great for outdoor use.  They protect their contents from the weather as well as from theft and other unauthorized access since they can be locked.

c) Basins and Trays

If you want economical spill containers, basins and trays are your ideal choice. They’re basic and simple.

d) Portable Pallets

Portable pallets are actually quite similar to basins and trays — but generally on the smaller side.  After all, they need to be light-weight enough to be carried and easily transported from place to place.

e) Stackable or Dispensing Pallets

On the more complex end of the spectrum, there are dispensing pallets as well as stackable pallets.  Dispensing pallets allow you to dispense chemicals from drums without worries about spils and leaks.  Stackable pallets stand out because you can stack them, which helps keep them out of valuable floor space.

So which spill containers should you get?  Whichever one most closely meets your needs.  The most important part is to choose pallets that are very sturdy and made out of high quality materials, generally high density polyethylene.  And always check for EPA approval.

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