Spill Containment Kits – The All-In-One Spill Management Solution

Spills are a fact of life. And luckily, there are easy ways to take care of them. Spill containment kits contain everything you need to mop them up quickly — at least most of the time. All you need is decide which spill kit is right for you. Here are the main points to consider:

spill containment kits


1) Size

The first question you need to answer is which size you should get. How much do you have of the various chemicals? How big of a spill could conceivably happen? Ideally, you’re prepared for a worst case scenario. We’ve just been reminded of the wisdom of that by the recent Gulf Coast Oil Spill disaster.

2) Type of Chemicals Involved

You also need to keep in mind which types of chemicals you have around your facility. After all, not every kit is suitable for every chemical.

In fact, kits come in three major categories, the regular kind, the oil only kind, and the hazmat kind. There are also specialty kits available, for example for batteries and for mercury.

3) The Big Three Spill Kit Types

The vast majority of spills can be handled with one of the “big three,” the three main types of spill containment kits, which are the universal, the oil only, or the hazmat kit.
Here’s how to select the one that is right for you:

a) Universal Spill Kits

Universal kits are designed to handle almost anything. They include whatever you need to mop up oil-based as well as water-based liquids or a combination of them, depending on which kit you choose.

Choose one of these if you only have room for one and are never quite sure what is going to spill or leak next. Chances are that your universal spill containment kits can handle the situation.

b) Oil Only

The oil only kit is perfect for oil-based liquids. And as the name suggests, it ONLY absorbs oil, leaving water-based liquids behind. That makes it ideal for separating oil-based fluids from water-based fluids. It is also the best choice when you need to clean up oil spills because its potency won’t be diluted by incidentally absorbed water.

c) Hazmat

Hazardous materials require special handling, so if you have those around, you should really invest in hazmat spill containment kits. They’re designed to handle spills of those chemicals safely.

Each of the three types comes in all sorts of different sizes, of course… And if you need help deciding which one to get, you may want to seek out the advice of a reputable safety supplies specialist. Not only will that help you what to get, but any spill containment kits you buy there will meet all the necessary safety requirements required by OSHA and the EPA.

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