Spill Containment Pallets: Choosing the right ones

Spill Containment Pallets

Spills happen, but they don’t have to lead to problems. The key to containing any spilled liquid is to use the right kind of spill containment pallets. And to do that, you simply place any chemicals-filled containers inside a suitable pallet.

There are many different types of pallets, but they all operate according to the same principle. They provide a secondary layer of protection for spills, so that if the primary one fails, i.e., the drum or other container, then the pallet will take over and contain the liquid. In order to ensure that they won’t disintegrate, most of them are made of high density polyethylene, which makes them resistant to most chemicals.

Choosing Spill Containment Pallets

So how do you figure out which specific pallets to get? Here are some of the main categories and their uses:

1) Pallets or platforms for drums

The most common pallets are designed to hold drums and contain any spills that might occur through a leaky drum or similar container. Since most drums come in standard sizes, the main variable is the number of drums you want your pallets to hold. Pallets are available for single drums and also for up to eight drums. Most of these are actually modular units that can be combined to hold an unlimited number of drums.

spill containment pallets

2) Covered pallets

Covered pallets are excellent for outdoors use. They will keep inclement weather out, and since they can be locked, they also protect your drums from theft and other unauthorized access.

3) Trays and basins

Trays and basins are suitable for smaller jobs. Trays are ideal for use on a work surface, for example, when various chemicals have to be handled, poured, or mixed. They make it easy to contain and clean up any spills that might happen during that process.

Basins are similar to regular pallets and are suitable for holding various types of containers. They are also very economical as well as portable, which makes them perfect for situations where you need maximum flexibility.

4) Stackable

Another category of spill containment pallets is the stackable variety. They are excellent when space is at a premium and you need to stack drums on top of each other.

5) Dispensing

Dispensing pallets are ideal for dispensing stations. Dispensing usually is one of the primary sources of spills and leakage, and so having special dispensing pallets will go a far way towards keeping things neat. Any chemicals that do spill can easily be captured and cleaned up.

Spill Containment Pallets – Additional Criteria

As you shop for your spill containment pallets, be sure to look for high quality construction and high density polyethylene material to ensure that they will not rust or corrode. They should also have removable poly grating, which will make it a breeze to clean them. In order to place your drums on the pallets more easily, you may also want to get a ramp. Finally, you will find it easy to comply with any EPA requirements by placing spill containment pallets throughout your facility.

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